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👋 Advisor to a startup's founder (AVP at a Fortune 500 Investment Bank). Formerly, a UX Consultant at Miro AI, where I redesigned their 2 million USD product. Transitioning into Product Management.



7 business days - Create a new experience for new students at Parsons to search, browse, and create student organizations (2019 UX Design Exercise)

Skills: wire-framing, IA design, applying Google's Material Design Guideline, creating a design system with the Atomic Design Methodology
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6 weeks - Dylan is an iOS app designed to help 20 year olds gain financial confidence by helping them track and plan their finances.

Skills: user testing, paper prototyping, data visualization, storyboarding, on-boarding, applying Apple's Human Interface Guideline
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Some glitz and glamour

From the runway of 2018 New York Fashion Week!
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